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Sparta, Tenne ssee

Great Pyrenees (LGD)


A livestock guarding dog is one that generally stays with sheep or goats without harming them and aggressively repels predators. The dog chooses to remain with the livestock because it has been reared from puppyhood with them. Its protective behaviors are largely instinctive, and there is relatively little formal training required other than timely correction of undesirable behaviors (e.g., chewing on ears, overplayfulness, and excessive wandering). The guarding dog is not a herding dog but rather a full-time member of the flock. Success of the dog is a result of a quality genetic background with an emphasis on proper rearing.

Our LGD are Great Pyrenees.  They are full blooded however are not AKC registered.  They are bred to be LGD  but can also be great family pets and wonderful at guarding home and family.

Males grow to 110–120 pounds and 27–32 inches, while females reach 80–90 pounds and 25–29 inches. On average, their lifespan is 10 to 12 years.

General Appearance:

The Great Pyrenees dog conveys the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty. He has a white or principally white coat that may contain markings of badger, gray, or varying shades of tan. He possesses a keen intelligence and a kindly, while regal, expression. Exhibiting a unique elegance of bearing and movement, his soundness and coordination show unmistakably the purpose for which he has been bred, the strenuous work of guarding the flocks in all kinds of weather on the steep mountain slopes of the Pyrenees.


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